Sunday, January 2, 2011


Berry-misu (12+ servings)
1. Take 500g (or more) of frozen raspberries, (or other berries) thaw and drain – keeping the juice
2. Arrange 1 packet of savoiardi (sponge fingers) in the base of a baking dish, lasagne dish or similar
3. Spoon the raspberry juice (mixed with 2 tabs of chocolate or berry liqueur if desired) over the savoiardi, so as to soak into them
4. Dissolve 1 sachet (=3tsps) of gelatine in hot water
5. Mix gelatine into 400g (2 small tubs) of any berry flavoured yogurt. Put aside until partly set
6. Beat 1 tub marscapone cheese and slowly add 1 carton cream (300mls), beating until well-mixed. A little sugar, vanilla essence or liqueur may also be added at this point, according to personal taste.
7. Beat in par-set yogurt until well-beaten
8. Spread over savoiardi and set in fridge.
9. Decorate with fresh berries and/or grated chocolate to serve.

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