Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The compatible tomato ..

.. really loves to combine with lots of flavours. Its basic everyday relationships are with most herbs (oregano and basil are particular favourites, but a little thyme can also make a lovely, fresh tasting sauce), olive oil, small amounts of various vinegars or lemon juice, wine (red or white), and most other vegetables. And garlic, of course. It goes well with cucumber and capsicum in gazpachos, and with zucchini and eggplant in ratatouille. It is great friends with cheese, whether in Italian cheeses and tomato sauce dishes, or a simple toasted sandwich. Ham, cheese and tomato is a classic combo that shouldn't just be left to sandwiches. Try them with pasta, or a risotto. Add paprika and sour cream to tinned tomatoes and you have goulash. Tomato, yogurt and herbs is a more delicate sauce -- great for chicken or veal. All tomato sauces must have salt (and preferably pepper, but I know you won't agree) and a tiny pinch of sugar.

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