Tuesday, December 14, 2010

something fishy

What goes with fish?
The first, most obvious answer is lemon. Alternatively use lime, and if you’re using lime, it combines well with a little chilli or coconut milk (and you can always add coriander –fresh leaves or dried seeds – to that)

After that, we select liked and available flavours from The Flavour Bible – basil (mildly, I would think), creaminess (i.e. cream, sour cream or yogurt), parsley, chives (again, mildly) a little garlic, almonds (traditionally with a mild, creamy sauce), white wine (and possibly green grapes), dill (another traditional friend of fish), rice or noodle or potatoes. Chinese often use garlic, ginger, sesame oil ..

Basically with fish, which can be fried, baked (with lemon or lime and a topping like breadcrumbs or chips to stop it drying out), microwaved, even chopped up and added, for a short cooking time to nice rice or stir fries or pasta, the key is to keep flavours light and fresh. The aim is to give the flavour a little lift and lightness, not overwhelm it.

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